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group 2 -4 pax

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Available 2020:

20 May  - 2 June


Mountain Dzen

Zen - the Way to just go.
In Russian it pronounced as "Dzen" that can be simply associated with  a sound "Dzyn'_" with a very mild and long "N" in the end...
Walkings, trekkings through the Khan Altai vibrate your body like music of brass Plates  and your mind is clear as the clash moment of Tingsha.



Photo - movie production.

Yoga, simple meditation,  science  superguiding.

Helicopters drop offs.

Travel & Fashion Photography classes from Masters.

Dream your perfect time!

Why travel to Altai?

Altai - is a unique mountain system, which includes all natural and climatic zones - from cozy landscape of mixed forests and fertile valleys in the lower Northern part, to the otherworldly beauty of Southern highlands with a sharply continental climate and low-growing plants adapted to life in the permafrost.

And this Mountain system is just in the middle of Eurasia continent! Look at the map and see!
No doubt that energy center of continent attracted inhabitants from era to era. Probably, that is the reason that Altai is also known as a Kettle of Civilizations.

The oldest archaeological age of inhabitants of Altai is 1,5 million years (Ulala settlement), just imagine! 

And imagining all this - just go and observe!


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