7 days with minivan car, driver and English-speaking guide!

    Individual route that meets your wishes in the best way!

Standard pocket for 2 adults and 1-2 kids:

2950 Euro

Available from May till October

Why families travel to Altai?

Sometimes, parents decide to show the world to their kids - this is the best way to combine your passion of travelling with world adaptation education for you kids. Visiting another countries and getting know something definitely new is always very good for your brains and senses. Altai is unique with its Energy and He is a great magnet of people who need to feel it.

Altai - is a unique mountain system, which includes all natural and climatic zones - from cozy landscape of mixed forests and fertile valleys in the lower Northern part, to the otherworldly beauty of Southern highlands with a sharply continental climate and low-growing plants adapted to life in the permafrost.

And this Mountain system is just in the middle of Eurasia continent! Look at the map and see!
No doubt that energy center of continent attracted inhabitants from era to era.
Probably, that is the reason that Altai is also known as a Kettle of Civilizations.
The oldest archaeological age of inhabitants of Altai is 1,5 million years (Ulala settlement), just imagine! 

In journeys families getting closer and better understand each other, especially if it is adventure! Mountain trekking to the glacier or mountain lake, getting milk from goat with your own hands at the family farm, trying Russian banya and feed camels at the Tudtuyaryk yurts camping, ssee people life or visit a festival or just passing to Mongolia - Altai will force you wish to come back here one day!



Route will be designed according you wishes.

Standard pocket is for 2 adults and 1 - 2 kids (under 13 y. o. free!): 💥 7 days - 2950 €

Standard pocket for 3-4 pax:

7 days from Gorno-Altaisk to Tashanta or come back to Gorno-Altaisk

English-speaking guide,




3 excursions.


Гейзерное озеро
Слияние Чуи и Катуни
Чуйская Степь
Чуйская Степь
Смотровая Пространства
Why travel with
Altai Discovery Team?



*‌we make comfort expeditions around Altai and Mongolia for 10 years.

* we've discovered a lot of virgin locations. *‌we are experienced with different kind of groups and goals of travel.

* ‌we have reliable logistic team, professional equipment and tasty food!
* ‌we are fans and keepers of Altai Mountains!

* we are travelers and parents!))

Some advises for travel to Russia

There is the best tip for travel to Siberia with kids - take a guide!) ) At least, mobile guide!

For 30€ you will get mobile support of english-speaking guide on your route!

We will help you to save the time and nervous! 🤗
There are a lot of stories about difficulties that occurred during travel in Siberia without Russian language. And we decided to be usefull for independent travellers too.

Many situations can be easily solved by just one call to your personal Altai Mobile Guide!

Order mobile support and enjoy Altai beauty with your happy family or friends!

🖖 First of all in Russia buy sim card of MTS, BEELINE or MEGAFON.

🖖Please, always have a note with all address of your route in Russian!

🖖Please, always have a note with all food specialties in Russian!!..