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El - Oiyn Festival  

26 June - 8 July

2375 $


The holiday of El-Oiyn or "all people's holiday" is the traditional national holiday of all the peoples and folklore groups living in Altai.
Thousands of people go there to get plunged into the spontaneity of people's revelry.

El-Oiyn is a "nomadic" holiday. The reason is probably in the nomadic way of life of Altaian ancestors' - it was hard for ancient Altaians to keep their place and they preferred to move from place to place.
With this holiday, the Altaian people show their culture and tradition of folklore groups of all dialects of the people. Perfect performances at the open air give a touch of antiquity.
National sport games, where one could see "kuresh"-wrestlers, power-lifting competitions, up-hill racing, national chess - "shatra" tournaments, "kaychi"-lash playing, and others give a touch of ardor and excitement to the holiday.
Of course, the most spectacular show of this holiday is Horse-racing. National rodeo - Emdik Uredish - means not only sport but also risk.
The final performance - Argymak race - may be called a culmination of the whole sport holiday, where the fastest rider gets a valuable prize - a motor car.
Colorful national costumes and rows of yurts and ails make a perfect ensemble with hospitality of the people.

Group size - 14 pax



The chain of high mountain lakes located in the halls of the Katun Ridge, in Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic.

Middle Lake (1740 m asl, length 1990 m, width 750 m, depth about 8 meters) is connected to the Lower Lake (1700 m. asl, length 2370m., max. width 900 m., depth of about 21 m) with the picturesque canal, which is called Shumy (noise), composed with huge boulders.

Upper Lake forms an oval bowl, where, like small waterfalls, flow down eleven mountain streams, while its length is approximately 1500 meters and a maximum width is 500 meters.

The height difference between the lakes is just about 1 km.

Altai Discovery Team

will secure of your journey comfort: 


Off-road professional Mitsubishi Delicas for discoverers. Cars are equipped with walkie-talkie and GPS-navigation system, sockets 220 V.


Our slogan is “Good food – good mood!”. We always try to make your menu balanced and healthy.

At the active part -minimum canned products, vegetarian friendly 🙂



ails, touristic bases,

2 pax tents.


2-3-person tents, camp kitchen, an awning, chairs, rugs, the socket 220V, satellite phone.


El-Oiyn considered to be a secret festival - date and place will be given as soon as the government wish. But we know how to play with this!))

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